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Castings, And The Story Of The FREAKY Plants!


So I walked out to water the the Worm Inn, and I looked down and saw this (Think of the music to the movie JAWS…Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum)…..


What the heck is that you ask? 

It’s the same question I had asked myself. 🙂

What I had done was dumped a bunch of castings into this plastic tub, along with a couple of large fresh pumpkins that I was going to get around to breaking up to feed the worms.  I never got the chance to use the pumpkins before they started breaking down.  The existing worms in the castings made small work of the pumpkins themselves…but you can see what happened to the seeds.


Holy Smokes…even when I DON’T want stuff to grow in castings…it grows.



For those that have forgotten 6th grade Biology…the plants are white because they’ve received no light.  No photosynthesis has happened for these poor guys.

So…I put them out of their misery, pulled them out and just laid them on top of the castings, and will let the remaining worms do the cycle of life thing to them.  Hopefully, the next time I open this, all I will see is rich black castings without these feaky mutant pumpkin sprouts. 🙂



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