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HOLY SMOKES!   I had forgotten tomato’s for some brushetta that I was making.  Normally, they just get included with the weekly groceries, so I’m not paying attention to prices on individual items.  Today, I  noticed the price only because it was all that I bought…$8.78 for 10 small tomato’s! 

NOW I know why I like gardening all of a sudden.

My new goal…produce 50% of all our produce within the next year.


Four Raised Beds:  Will produce lettuce, spinach, onions, green onions,  TOMATO’S :), cucumbers, green peppers, Tree Collards, strawberries.

Under bedroom window:  Artichokes and garlic

Containers:  Meyer Lemon, Tangelo’s, Grapefruit, Banana, Japanese Pear, Blackberries, Blueberries

Backyard Border:  Cherry Tree, Plum Tree, Nectarine, Peach, Pomegranate.

Not bad for having a fairly small lot!   If it doesn’t produce something edible…it doesn’t stay!  Except for my wife’s roses. 🙂

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