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7 Simple Steps for Composting With Redworms

The County of Santa Clara does a great job hosting Composting Classes almost every weekend.

Classes are taught by the Santa Clara County Master Composters, and teach both yard waste composting (Compost Piles) and kitchen waste composting (Worm Bins). I’ve been fortunate to be associated with this fine group. At most of the events, I’m brought in to sell my worms to all the students that have just received two hours of great training!

What I have found , is that many of the students are so EXCITED to start their worm bins, that they miss some of the basics of worm composting that they were just taught!

So…one day I thought to myself…I need some sort of “Cliff Notes” (Do they even make Cliff Notes anymore?) that go over the basics of composting with Redworms. I wrote the “7 Simple Steps to Composting with Redworms”, and hand it out to anyone that attends the classes.

I even made shirts that have the 7 Simple Steps on the front! I wear the shirts at the classes and Farmers Markets. I’ve had numerous people asking to buy the shirts…but I’ve got enough going on that I don’t want to get into the shirt business. 😉

Click on the Link Below to See the Worm Dude’s 7 Simple Steps for Composting with Redworms:


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