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5 GALLONS of Green Onions!

I’ve been raising green onions (Among other things) all year in our raised beds.   I like to chop them up, and put them in the freezer in plastic bags.  When green onions are needed, I just pull some out.  They freeze wonderfully and thaw very quickly.

Our green onions had been in the ground so long they started going to seed.  I decided to pull them out and replace them with some pepper plants.

I pulled out hundreds of green onions, throwing them into a 5 gallon bucket.  Then I thought….green onions are just another vegetable…I’ll bet the worms will like them as much as anything else.

Now, I’ve got 5 gallons of green onions in the worm beds.  Garage smells like onions.  Thankfully, I like the smell of onions. 🙂

Will keep everyone posted as the world turns…er, as the onions rot.

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