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36 Apple Worm Inn Experiment

We just had three nights of freezing temperatures!  Unusual for Northern California.    I thought this would be the perfect time to check on my Worm Inn.  It’s currently loaded with 36 rotting apples!  As I opened The Worm Inn, I took note of how it looked. 

No bugs…check. 

No smell…check.

As I moved some of the bedding covering the apples, the worms looked great.  They were active and lively.  It looked like the apples still had not broken down.

..until I picked up a couple of them.

The apples were starting to get mushy.  Not sewage type rot as if sitting in a garbage can, but they were getting soft and starting to release moisture.  Perfect for the worms.

I then poked around just to make sure there were no problems. 

The apples were breaking down nicely…worms galore around the apples….everything looks great.

Never one to be satisfied with the norm, I decided to throw in ANOTHER whole pumpkin.  Doesn’t get much easier than this…and no moving parts. 😉

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