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3 Reasons to Order Alabama Jumpers (If you live in a temperate zone) TODAY!

1.  The weather is still moderate over most of the country.

2. No 50,000 backlogs of Jumpers before yours can be shipped!

3.  Leaves are starting to fall (Plenty of organic material for the Jumpers).

4.  Adding Jumpers now gives them a chance to do their work all winter.

5. The grow beds are plentiful!

In the spring, everyone starts thinking about adding Alabama Jumpers to their soil.  The problem is, that EVERYONE starts thinking about adding Alabama Jumpers to their soil.  LOL    Beat the crowd, order now while the weather is great for shipping, and great for adding your worms!  If you wait, you’ll have thousands of others wanting their jumpers shipped at the same time.  AVOID THE CROWDS, ORDER YOUR ALABAMA JUMPERS TODAY.

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