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What a cool way to hang your Worm Inn!

Monday, December 21st, 2015


I’m always looking for cool and functional ways to hang my Worm Inns.  Andrew (Thanks Andrew!) sent in this picture of his Worm Inn MEGA.   I have to say that this is one of the absolute best ideas I’ve ever seen.

Hope it’s bolted in well.  These MEGA’s can weigh 200 pounds when full.

If you have a creative stand for your MEGA send it in, I’d love to post it.


Feeding The Worm Inn

Monday, July 18th, 2011

It’s been awhile since I posted about my Worm Inn, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to now.  We had family over this weekend and a big bbq.  Summer fruits are always a big hit, so we made a huge fruit salad…..leaving LOTS of scraps for the worms.

You can see how many produce scraps I was able to process all at once.  This is where The Worm Inn differs from other systems.  If you try putting this much in a plastic tub,  you are pretty much guaranteed to create a sewer and kill your worms quickly.  The Worm Inn, because of it’s breathability can easily handle a large amount of scraps (As long as you have plenty of bedding in your Inn).

I didn’t show a picture of the most important part!  Cover these scraps thoroughly with damp newspaper strips, or you’re going to invite every fruit fly in the neighborhood to the party!


Things That Make You Want To Cry!

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Your first question is, “Why are we looking at rotting pumpkins laying on the ground”?  

Your next question is likely,  “Why not just add them to Your Worm Inn”?

My last blog post shows my Worm Inn filled with 36 decomposting apples.  Could I add these rotting pumpkins to my Inn at the same time?  Probably. 

Would I likely not have enough room for bedding in my Worm Inn?  Probably.

What happens when you don’t leave enough room for bedding?  You got it, BUGS!

Although The Worm Inn is The Best Commercial Worm Composter on the market,  if you don’t add enough bedding to ANY worm composting system, you will attract flying bugs.  It’s just nature….the smell of rotting vegetation will attract bugs.

Although we can beat Mother Nature by covering the rotting vegetation with plenty of bedding (So the bugs cannot smell the rotting vegetation),  if we get greedy and  throw every scrap in the neighborhood into a Worm composting system and forget to include a nice deep layer of bedding,  bugs will come……

If you want to process every scrap in the neighborhood and have room for bedding, that’s fine.  Just get TWO Worm Inn’s! 😉

What’s the SECRET to GIANT Plants?

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

If you look back a couple weeks in my blog, you will see a small pumpkin plant.  Here is that small plant a few weeks later!    This plant grows so fast, you can almost watch it grow.  My wife is starting to get afraid of the plant, as if it would run after her…haha…..na, maybe it would crawl after her, but run, I don’t think so! 😉

I like to refer to my pumpkin plant as “Pumpkinzilla”!  We’ve already got a dozen or so mini soccer ball sized pumpkins growing.  By next week I expect them to be beach ball size.

Keep in mind there is no trick photography here…no “Special” seeds (In fact this was just a volunteer plant that I let grow).   The most important thing to know is that I’m no great gardener.  In fact, my idea of a garden is to dig a hole, add  castings, ask my wife to water the  area every once in awhile, and walk away.  How lazy is that?

So…as the headline of  this blog says, “What’s the SECRET to GIANT Plants”? 

Nothing but WORMS and WORM CASTINGS!

SECRETS of The Worm Inn Revealed

Friday, June 4th, 2010

I just received this picture from one of my high volume resellers. She spray paints her stands black.  Although the stands look great in white, they look fantastic painted black.

The Worm Inn continues to sell extremely well.   As sales have increased, so have comments and questions. I’d like to take this opportunity to address some of the most common comments and questions.

Comment #1 – The Worm Inn is much larger than I expected.

This is the most common comment that I receive.  It’s obvious that the pictures on my website have not done this great system justice.  Many people think this is a small unit, and therefore will not process much waste.  Although The Worm Inn only takes up an 18″ x 18″ footprint (Fits anywhere), it can process a LARGE AMOUNT  of food waste.  Unlike plastic systems that greatly  limit the amount of produce scraps that you can process at any one time, The Worm Inn can handle as much as you want to put inside.    This makes The Worm Inn the first Worry Free Worm Composting System.

Comment #2 – The Worm Inn is constructed VERY WELL

The Worm Inn is a heavy duty commercial composting system.  Although plastic bins are subject to cracking, chipping, and/or  legs falling off,  The Worm Inn is constructed to last for years.  With over 500 Worm Inns sold since the beginning of this year,  I’ve not received a single comment about a unit not holding up.  Not one!  The Worm Inn is actually overbuilt by design.    Although you can find cheap imitations made out of  cheap fabric  and not intended to last,  The Worm Inn is built out of the highest quality backpack material available and it’s straps are made of high quality Polypropylene.   It’s built to last!

Common Question #1 – Why don’t you send out Instructions with The Worm Inn?

All customers that purchase a Worm Inn direct from me receive a confirmation email letting them  know when their unit is being shipped,  along with a link for INNstructions at www.TheWormInn.com  I’ve considered sending INNstructions with each unit, and could easily do so, but aren’t we supposed to be conserving valuable resources?  Why waste paper when the INNstructions are available with a simple mouse click?  I may waiver and ship INNstructions sometime down the road, but isn’t it better to save a tree?

Common Question #2 – Why aren’t the INNstructions more detailed?

The INNstructions are basic because The Worm Inn solves the most common problems regarding raising worms. 

Too many produce scraps killed my worms – Not a problem for The Worm Inn.  If it fits, it feeds!    The amount of scraps you can feed worms is directly related to the amount of air flow in the system. Because plastic does not breathe and creates a constant muddy environment, you will always face this challenge when feeding worms in a plastic bin.  With The Worm Inn you have no silly plastic bin restrictions such as,”Only add a handful of scraps to avoid overfeeding”. 

When stuffing The Worm Inn, just leave room to cover the scraps under a nice thick layer of bedding.  The thicker the better!  Flying bugs like uncovered scraps regardless of the system. 

Too much water killed my worms – You cannot overwater The Worm Inn!!!!!   It’s dummy proof!  In fact, you can water The Worm Inn right through it’s mesh top using a garden hose.   You don’t even need to unzip the unit to water it.  Excess water just runs through the system.  Keep a bucket underneath to catch the runoff, and you have some nice bacteria laden leachate that didn’t have time to go anaerobic!

Pages and pages of  “Problem solving” instructions are not necessary when you no longer need to worry about overfeeding and overwatering!     

 Common Question #3 – How do you keep the bedding on top  from drying out?

You can’t…but you don’t need to!  Flying bugs look for two things.  A food source, and moisture.  By keeping a nice thick top layer of dry bedding, you make the environment less hospitable for flying bugs!  The “SWEET SPOT” of The Worm Inn (Where the rotting food is in the middle of your damp bedding) will be loaded with worms happily eating away.  Additionally, the air flow will keep your worms more active than you are used to seeing.  Worms get very sluggish trying to traverse the mud in a plastic bin.

If you’ve never raised worms before because you thought it was too difficult,  Try The Worm Inn!

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to raise worms in the past, try The Worm Inn!  

If you are tired of throwing your excess produce scraps in the compost pile because you know you can’t put them all in your muddy plastic worm bin, try The Worm Inn!

The Worm Inn is DIFFERENT – It’s solved the common problems associated with raising worms!

Are You SERIOUS About Composting?

Monday, March 8th, 2010

If you have not realized it yet, I am the Manufacturer of the Award Winning Composting System, The Worm Inn.   I was not the designer of this innovative system, but I was smart enough to realize what a great system this is.  So in December of 2009, I bought the company from it’s inventor, Robyn Crispe.

The Worm Inn will soon be sold through distributors around the world.  I’m currently working with a UK Distributor, and have been in negotiations with distributors from other countries.   The Worm Inn sets the standard for Home/School composting.  Most composting systems can handle a pound or two of scraps for a pound or two of worms.  The Worm Inn is different.  Because of it’s unique breathable design, it can do the job of several conventional systems.

Because of  The Worm Inn’s unique breathable design, your food waste is less apt to go anaerobic, so you don’t worry about creating a sewer just because you need the worms to process a little more than normal. 

There is no comparison between a conventional plastic bin and The Worm Inn.  If you are SERIOUS about waste reduction, The Worm Inn is what you want.

Watch these series of YouTube Videos produced by Bentley at http://WWW.RedWormComposting.Com   In typical Bentley style, he’s just having fun filling the bin to the max.  He’s shown feeding a small amount of worms 15 POUNDS OF SCRAPS, with the caveat, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.  If you tried this in a plastic bin, you would create a sewer in less than a week…killing all of your worms, and giving your spouse the perfect excuse to grant you a divorce! 😉

It gets better.  The next week, BENTLEY ADDED 10 MORE POUNDS OF SCRAPS TO THE WORM INN.  If this doesnt mean anything to you, you have never raised worms.  I’ve never seen, nor heard of anyone doing anything like Bentley has done.  The AMAZING thing about this is….his Worms are doing GREAT!


Have fun watching these three videos: