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Perpetual Bait – Grow your own Nightcrawlers!

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Three weeks ago, I soaked some newspaper shreds, dropped in a dozen European Nightcrawlers, added some oatmeal to the top of the bedding, and walked away.

Today, I decided to check on the Nightcrawlers to see how they were doing.

The first thing I noticed was that the oatmeal had molded very badly. I had mold all over the top of the bedding. Did the Nightcrawlers care? Let’s find out.

I dumped the bedding, mold, and the Nightcrawlers onto a flat surface to investigate. The Nightcrawlers had not only survived, but they were quite a bit larger than when I had originally placed them in the bedding. The mold had not bothered the Nightcrawlers at all.

I put the contents back into the cup to see how they do long term. My goal is to find cocoons and/or baby worms throughout the cup given additional time.

If you enjoy fishing, raise chickens, raise reptiles, or have a use for Nightcrawlers that also compost, you need to think about this opportunity! Imagine NEVER buying worms from a bait store again! The nightcrawlers reproduce with less than minimal care! It’s perpetual bait!