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Alabama Jumpers for Sale!

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Take a good look at this soil. It was once hard clay…now…gorgeous and loaded with Alabama Jumpers.

Alabama Jumpers are the only commercial worm especially for soil. They can live in any soil type, from heavy clay to sandy.

If you’ve never seen an Alabama Jumper, you really need to treat yourself to some!

Don’t Get Tricked!

Thursday, September 10th, 2009
Yes, they really jump!

Yes, they really jump!


Hi Everyone,

The large worm in the picture above is an Alabama Jumper.  It’s scientific name is Amynthas gracilus.  It is plain to see that this worm is NOT a Red Worm.  It’s color is grey. 

Who cares?

There is a high volume worm grower on the net selling what HE calls “Super Reds” as Alabama Jumpers.  But…the worm featured in his ads as a “Super Red” is a European Nightcrawler (Eisenia Hortensis)…basically a large Red Worm!   Super Reds, European Nightcrawler, Eisenia Hortensis…all names for the same worm…and yes, they are RED. 


What’s the bottom line?  Avoid getting Ripped Off!

European Nightcrawlers, Canadian Nightcrawlers, Alabama Jumpers….basically any worm can be “Called” anything.  It’s only the scientific name that cannot be easily changed.

Know the type of worm you are buying.  Make sure your seller knows it’s scientic name!  If a seller tries to get you to buy Red Worms for your garden, run, don’t walk.  Red Worms are NOT dirt Worms.


Saturday, July 4th, 2009
Yes, they really jump!

Yes, they really jump!

I had a funny comment from a customer that just bought his first batch of Jumpers.  Apparently, one of the Jumpers fell a short distance to the ground. 

His comment:

“You know how hard it is to pick a worm off of the ground?  Actually, the first time he jumped, I missed him as I was not prepared for that.  The second time, I got him”!

If you like worms, these are lotsa fun…plus, they’ll aerate your soil!

Just throw some mulch on the ground, add some moisture, and the worms will have a reason to…..PARTY!

Live Bait for Sale! Composting Worms! Garden Worms!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

If you are reading this blog, you probably are a worm lover, and think the pictures above are pretty cool. If you randomly found this website, you probably think you are in the middle of a NIGHTMARE. 😉

Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of worms commercially available, and their purposes.

Only a few types of worms are recommended for composting. In my opinion, these are the three best types of worms for composting:

Red Wigglers
European Nightcrawlers
African Nightcrawlers

The reasons why these worms are great composters is because they share certain characteristics:
Top feeders
Prolific in captivity

But, what if you want to raise worms for more than just composting?
Do you like to fish? Would you like NEVER to worry about whether or not the bait store has any worms left? Great Bait worms:

Canadian Nightcrawlers
European Nightcrawlers
Alabama Jumpers
African Nightcrawlers

The reasons why these worms are great bait worms is because they share certain characteristics:
Large size (Especially the Canadians)!

Want a great worm for your garden! Try Alabama Jumpers. I’ve never seen a stronger, more active worm. They are so distinctive, even the babies JUMP like crazy! Please understand, most commercially available worms are NOT suited to live in soil. Alabama Jumpers do well in heavy clay soil.

Always make sure you’re using the RIGHT worm for the Job!

Have a specific question? Ask the Worm Dude on my forum! Happy to help.

Worms for your GARDEN hatching NOW!

Monday, November 10th, 2008

If I haven’t made it clear yet, I am a HORRIBLE photographer. My camera is a 5 year old Kodak, so hopefully I can place some of the blame on not having the right equipment for the job.

The fact that I will never be a professional photographer is irrelavant. What IS relavent is that I just caught a glimpse of my newly hatched Alabama Jumper babies.

I often see juvenile Alabama Jumpers in my backyard box turtle garden (Read earlier blog stories to get the backstory). I know they are Jumpers because even as little guys, they jump like crazy. But, what I never see are Alabama Jumper cocoons!

I maintain hundreds of pounds of worms and have millions of cocoons. But, in my Jumper bins, I can never find cocoons. It’s strange, and I haven’t been able to figure out why. I was starting to think they will not hatch in captivity.

I’m happy to report, I was very wrong! When I went to water the worms today, I noticed a bunch of thread sized jumpers hidden in the newspaper bedding. Cute, thread sized little guys. The picture above was my attempt at trying to capture a snapshot of the baby jumpers.

Get the right tool for the job. If you want worms for your garden, Alabama Jumpers are the worms for you!

Great worms for your garden…hatching now! 😉


Friday, September 26th, 2008

Great Moments in Life…..
The birth of both of my children
My wedding day
College graduation
The day I received my Jumpers!

Okay, maybe not in my top 5, but today was a very good day!

I’m excited to announce that “Worm Dude Crawlers” (The rest of the world calls em Alabama Jumpers) are now available in the 1,000 pack (Between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds) for $89 INCLUDING SHIPPING IN THE LARGE FLAT RATE BOX.

What is so special about these worms?

*They survive, and THRIVE in soil. Even heavy clay soil!
*They are the most active worm I’ve ever seen by far!
*They are so strong, when you hold them, they literally feel like a baby snake.
*They have a large mouth. Reminds me of a catfish.
*Great Bait Worms! They literally JUMP out of your hand…how could they not attract fish?

Many worm farmers claim to sell “Worms for your Garden”. The fact is, Red Wigglers will NOT stay around in your garden, unless you treat your garden like a worm bin, always making sure to keep it damp, and constantly replenishing leaf litter. Red Wigglers are NOT dirt worms, so as soon as the top layer of leaf litter is gone, so are your worms.

Jumpers ARE dirt worms. They only eat organic matter, so no worries about these guys eating your live plants roots.

Want fluffier, flakey soil…add a batch or a two of Jumpers! These guys can penetrate the toughest clay like butter.

How to Prepare for your Jumpers:
Add a layer of damp leaf litter.
Drop in your worms.
Go watch TV.

That’s it.

Soon you will see baby jumpers among your large jumpers. I recommend not spreading them out when you first receive them, as worms mate better in close proximity. When they start feeling crowded, they will naturally spread out.

Why pay a gardener to turn your soil? Do it the natural way using Jumpers. Add a batch or two, and soon your soil will be nice and crumbly!

Alabama Jumpers for Sale!

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Here is a picture of one of the Alabama Jumper Worms that now reside in my clay soil. I captured about 500 of them, and tested them in captivity by setting them up in a plastic holding bin.

Two weeks later, I’m happy to report that they are doing great. They have adjusted fine to my damp newspaper bedding, and are producing castings pretty much like any other composting worm.

I’ve found a source to purchase these in bulk, which should greatly reduce my price on these worms.

So…for those that continually ask, “Do you sell any worms that I can put in my Garden”? The answer is, “You bet”!