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This is a Worm FAN!!!

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Some people collect fine art, others collect sports memorabilla, some collect thimbles, some line their walls with family portraits. My friend, Jack S. LOVES fishing! He has devoted an entire room to his hobby. What would a room devoted to fishing be without a Worm Dude T Shirt? Check out the pic’s while I ponder the thought. ūüėČ

Featured Customer Questions – Ginny

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I went fishing and used nightcrawlers as bait. I have like seven or eight
worms left. MY fridge is too cold for them, i have been told by other sites.
Can i put them in my garden. I am an animal freak and i hate to put them
somewhere they will die so please answer soon! ūüôā


Hi Ginny,

“Nightcrawlers” is a name without a solid¬†definition.¬† Basically it just means a large worm.

I need more information before I can answer your question as some nightcrawlers require refrigeration, others live in compost, others live in dirt.   Are these worms pinkish or grey?  About how large are they?

“Nightcrawler” Basics:

Canadian Nightcrawlers РHUGE worms, Great for fishing, require refrigeration.  

European Nightcrawlers/African Nightcrawlers – Both are composters.¬†¬†Both are Amazing fishing worms and¬†Great for composting!¬† No refrigeration needed….just keep in your garage or outside in the shade.

Alabama Jumpers РAmazingly strong worms.  Great for aerating your Soil.  Even heavy clay!

7 Reasons to LOVE European Nightcrawlers

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Have you tried European Nightcrawlers? If not, you are missing a treat!
1) Euro’s are very good Composting Worms! Excellent for recycling your scraps.
2) Euro’s large size makes harvesting a breeze!
3) Euro’s have a nice thick skin. They are a VERY durable worm.
4) Euro’s are VERY prolific. Everytime I look in the bedding, I find hundreds of cocoons.
5) Euro’s are great fishing worms. Just the right size for a large Catfish, Trout, or Bass.
6) Euro’s can be mixed in with other composting worms.
7) Euro’s are easy to get as big and fat as your little finger.

Want to have some fun? Order a batch of Euro’s today!

Fun with BIG Worms

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Typical Red Wiggler next to a SUPERSIZED EURO!

Eisenia Fetida(Red Wigglers) are cool worms. They swarm food and turn it into wonderful castings. Eisenia Hortensis (European Nightcrawlers), are even cooler! They do everything that Red Wigglers do, but they don’t run like a typical crawler (NOTE: Any worm will run if conditions are not right). Another benefit…you can get them as BIG AS SLUGS!

Dr. Atkins was right…carbs will make you fat. I got these Euros so fat, they start looking translucent instead of pink! How did I do it? I happened to pick up a big box of variety pack oatmeal at Costco. In the variety pack, there are some packs of unflavored oatmeal (Yuck)! I said to myself, I’ll bet the worms will eat this stuff…so I threw them on top of the Euro bedding (Careful, grains can heat up if mixed in)…the next morning…all gone. I tried it again…same results. After about a week, I had a bin full of worms that looked like slugs!

Fishing anyone?