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EVERYTHING you’ve wanted to know about Canadian Nightcrawlers

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

If you’ve spent much time fishing, you’ve obviously come across Canadian Nightcrawlers.  Canadians are the NUMBER ONE worm for fishing in the world!  These are HUGE, fat worms (They actually remind me of slugs).  Fisherman LOVE them due to their immense size, 100 per pound or 10X the size of an average sized Red Wiggler.

The positives:  Huge Worms, Easy to maintain (Just keep in the fridge for several weeks).

The negatives:  Difficult to propogate.  Perish easily when on a fishing trip unless you keep them in your cooler.

Care tips:  You can maintain Canadians for several months with proper care.  At refrigerated temps of 45 degrees, they will last for 3 weeks in organic peat bedding (Available at Walmart).  At higher temps, they will process the peat faster and will need it changed more often.

Want a worm that’s great for fishing, survives outside of refrigeration, and will eat your fruit and veggie scraps?  Try European Nightcrawlers!