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Featured Customer Question – Dorie F.

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Hi Jerry,
We bought the Wriggly Wranch in March and the worms (From you) at one of the San Jose
Composting events. My worms did great up until this last week from all the
rains and the worms were all dead in the bottom tray with ALOT of water. The
bin is under the eves of our house. I want to try them again, how can I
prevent this from happening again.

Hi Dorie,

Easy. Make sure you have plenty of drainage in your bin, or shelter the top of your bin so you don’t get so much rain coming in. Fortunately, we don’t normally get rain like this past week! As you have experienced, worms like it damp, but they rot in standing water.

Two other things you can do. Keep the spigot open at all times. That way, excess water drains freely from the base. Problem is, most people have a lot
of muck in the base, thus clogging the spigot.

To keep the spigot from clogging, I would suggest keeping a piece of weedstop (black mesh landscapers put under rocks) in the bottom tray that makes contact with the base. Not only will this help keep worms out of the base, but it will reduce the amount of “Mud” in the base, thus helping the spigot stay clear.

Glad you want to get back in the saddle again. Just chalk this up to a learning experience.

Initial Worm Poll Results

Friday, July 17th, 2009

After the first few days of Posting the Poll, “Were you successful with your first batch of Composting Redworms”? …. The results are exactly 50-50. Initially I had a voter that voted 3 times and skewed the numbers. By looking up his IP, I was able to eliminate the duplicate voting.

Look at the distribution…Pretty amazing!

Please vote only once, but Please tell your friends to VOTE!

Featured Customer Questions – Ginny

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I went fishing and used nightcrawlers as bait. I have like seven or eight
worms left. MY fridge is too cold for them, i have been told by other sites.
Can i put them in my garden. I am an animal freak and i hate to put them
somewhere they will die so please answer soon! ūüôā


Hi Ginny,

“Nightcrawlers” is a name without a solid¬†definition.¬† Basically it just means a large worm.

I need more information before I can answer your question as some nightcrawlers require refrigeration, others live in compost, others live in dirt.   Are these worms pinkish or grey?  About how large are they?

“Nightcrawler” Basics:

Canadian Nightcrawlers РHUGE worms, Great for fishing, require refrigeration.  

European Nightcrawlers/African Nightcrawlers – Both are composters.¬†¬†Both are Amazing fishing worms and¬†Great for composting!¬† No refrigeration needed….just keep in your garage or outside in the shade.

Alabama Jumpers РAmazingly strong worms.  Great for aerating your Soil.  Even heavy clay!

7 Reasons to LOVE European Nightcrawlers

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Have you tried European Nightcrawlers? If not, you are missing a treat!
1) Euro’s are very good Composting Worms! Excellent for recycling your scraps.
2) Euro’s large size makes harvesting a breeze!
3) Euro’s have a nice thick skin. They are a VERY durable worm.
4) Euro’s are VERY prolific. Everytime I look in the bedding, I find hundreds of cocoons.
5) Euro’s are great fishing worms. Just the right size for a large Catfish, Trout, or Bass.
6) Euro’s can be mixed in with other composting worms.
7) Euro’s are easy to get as big and fat as your little finger.

Want to have some fun? Order a batch of Euro’s today!

Plan NOW for Spring Gardening!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Summer’s over. You can feel it in the air. Shorter days, cooler afternoons.

How many of you were able to produce enough worm castings to create a bountiful harvest this past year?

Bet you wish someone had given you a reminder to start composting with worms last fall, so you could have plenty of worm casts in the spring!

Here is your reminder to take action. Fall is the PERFECT time to begin composting! Granted, the worms slow down some, but they DEFINITELY continue to eat. Anything that eats, POOPS!

If you want to experience the benefits of worm castings on your 09 garden, make a plan to start NOW! You’ll thank me in the spring!