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EVERYTHING you’ve wanted to know about Canadian Nightcrawlers

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

If you’ve spent much time fishing, you’ve obviously come across Canadian Nightcrawlers.  Canadians are the NUMBER ONE worm for fishing in the world!  These are HUGE, fat worms (They actually remind me of slugs).  Fisherman LOVE them due to their immense size, 100 per pound or 10X the size of an average sized Red Wiggler.

The positives:  Huge Worms, Easy to maintain (Just keep in the fridge for several weeks).

The negatives:  Difficult to propogate.  Perish easily when on a fishing trip unless you keep them in your cooler.

Care tips:  You can maintain Canadians for several months with proper care.  At refrigerated temps of 45 degrees, they will last for 3 weeks in organic peat bedding (Available at Walmart).  At higher temps, they will process the peat faster and will need it changed more often.

Want a worm that’s great for fishing, survives outside of refrigeration, and will eat your fruit and veggie scraps?  Try European Nightcrawlers!

Featured Customer Questions – Ginny

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I went fishing and used nightcrawlers as bait. I have like seven or eight
worms left. MY fridge is too cold for them, i have been told by other sites.
Can i put them in my garden. I am an animal freak and i hate to put them
somewhere they will die so please answer soon! 🙂


Hi Ginny,

“Nightcrawlers” is a name without a solid definition.  Basically it just means a large worm.

I need more information before I can answer your question as some nightcrawlers require refrigeration, others live in compost, others live in dirt.   Are these worms pinkish or grey?  About how large are they?

“Nightcrawler” Basics:

Canadian Nightcrawlers – HUGE worms, Great for fishing, require refrigeration.  

European Nightcrawlers/African Nightcrawlers – Both are composters.  Both are Amazing fishing worms and Great for composting!  No refrigeration needed….just keep in your garage or outside in the shade.

Alabama Jumpers – Amazingly strong worms.  Great for aerating your Soil.  Even heavy clay!

Live Bait for Sale! Composting Worms! Garden Worms!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

If you are reading this blog, you probably are a worm lover, and think the pictures above are pretty cool. If you randomly found this website, you probably think you are in the middle of a NIGHTMARE. 😉

Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of worms commercially available, and their purposes.

Only a few types of worms are recommended for composting. In my opinion, these are the three best types of worms for composting:

Red Wigglers
European Nightcrawlers
African Nightcrawlers

The reasons why these worms are great composters is because they share certain characteristics:
Top feeders
Prolific in captivity

But, what if you want to raise worms for more than just composting?
Do you like to fish? Would you like NEVER to worry about whether or not the bait store has any worms left? Great Bait worms:

Canadian Nightcrawlers
European Nightcrawlers
Alabama Jumpers
African Nightcrawlers

The reasons why these worms are great bait worms is because they share certain characteristics:
Large size (Especially the Canadians)!

Want a great worm for your garden! Try Alabama Jumpers. I’ve never seen a stronger, more active worm. They are so distinctive, even the babies JUMP like crazy! Please understand, most commercially available worms are NOT suited to live in soil. Alabama Jumpers do well in heavy clay soil.

Always make sure you’re using the RIGHT worm for the Job!

Have a specific question? Ask the Worm Dude on my forum! Happy to help.