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Red Wiggler Cocoons for Sale!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

I’m constantly asked, “Do you sell Redworm Cocoons”?…the answer is usually, “Nope, sorry”.  I’ve now got them, and you can get them!   Red Wiggler Cocoons come shipped by the 1,000 per pound of bedding  material.  Research says Red Wiggler cocoons typically produce an average of 4 live worms out of each cocoon.    This means an optimum hatch of 80% will produce approximately 3,200 worms for every 1,000 cocoons!

For a great economical way to add to your worm herd, try some today.

Please realize there will sometimes be a two week wait for cocoons, as they are more difficult to harvest than live worms.   Look under “Worm Stuff” for details!

*Because your setup conditions may vary, we cannot guarantee hatch rates on cocoons.