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Definitely Creepy, but DEFINITELY COOL!

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

You are looking at a close up of Black Soldier Fly Larve.  BSFL are among the world’s most efficient composters.   I haven’t seen scientific data to support this, but from experience they are at least 50X more efficient than worms at composting waste.

Do you want to compost mass quantities of waste such as:   citrus peel, meat, coffee grounds,  even large amounts of horse manure?   BSFL Grubs will do it!   NO CHOPPING NECESSARY!   The grubs do not bite people, but give them some rotting vegetation and BAM!!! … All you will see is a mass of grubs devouring the scraps.

My wife is a big grapefruit fan….and every day I feed my grubs her grapefruit waste…..and every day the grubs eat it…ALL!   BSFL will reduce waste by about 95%!  The  fry (poop) they produce looks similar to sawdust and is basically odorless.  Coincidentally, worms LOVE BSFL  poop.

BSFL  are GREAT for fishing, and are GREAT sources of protein for chickens and reptiles. 

Black Soldier Fly Larve eventually pupate and turn into Soldier Flies.  Soldier Flies are large, slow moving flies (Resembling wasps) that have NO MOUTHS (They are not germ carrying vectors like house flies).  The Soldier Flies live only days.  During this time they mate and look for a place near rotting vegetation to lay their eggs.   Soldier Flies would not want to come into your house as they LOVE sunlight.  The flies that have hatched in my garage can be seen buzzing around my garage door window looking to get out as soon as I open the door.  As soon as the Soldier Fly lays it’s eggs, it dies within hours.

If you want a starter batch of Black Soldier Fly Larve you can order now and they will be shipped out within 2 weeks.  They can be found on my site at http://www.thewormdude.com/products-page/  I carry not only the grubs themselves but also the Biopod Plus, the only commercial system made that self harvests the bsfl.