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Alabama Jumpers for Sale!

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Take a good look at this soil. It was once hard clay…now…gorgeous and loaded with Alabama Jumpers.

Alabama Jumpers are the only commercial worm especially for soil. They can live in any soil type, from heavy clay to sandy.

If you’ve never seen an Alabama Jumper, you really need to treat yourself to some!

Try This Virtual Compost Pile!

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

 Build a Virtual Compost Pile

After spending the morning spreading compost, I came across a fun website this evening.  It’s from Florida’s Environmental Protection Agency.  It allows you to build a virtual compost pile.    You get to practice building a compost pile, while learning the proper C:N ratio’s for quick breakdown of your organic materials.

What does this have to do with worms?  Well, nothing…but EVERYTHING.  Healthy soil that is loaded with worms contains plenty of organic material.  The most efficient way of getting organic material into your soil is by adding compost. Want to build an Alabama Jumper haven?  Add plenty of organic material to your soil.


Friday, September 26th, 2008

Great Moments in Life…..
The birth of both of my children
My wedding day
College graduation
The day I received my Jumpers!

Okay, maybe not in my top 5, but today was a very good day!

I’m excited to announce that “Worm Dude Crawlers” (The rest of the world calls em Alabama Jumpers) are now available in the 1,000 pack (Between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds) for $89 INCLUDING SHIPPING IN THE LARGE FLAT RATE BOX.

What is so special about these worms?

*They survive, and THRIVE in soil. Even heavy clay soil!
*They are the most active worm I’ve ever seen by far!
*They are so strong, when you hold them, they literally feel like a baby snake.
*They have a large mouth. Reminds me of a catfish.
*Great Bait Worms! They literally JUMP out of your hand…how could they not attract fish?

Many worm farmers claim to sell “Worms for your Garden”. The fact is, Red Wigglers will NOT stay around in your garden, unless you treat your garden like a worm bin, always making sure to keep it damp, and constantly replenishing leaf litter. Red Wigglers are NOT dirt worms, so as soon as the top layer of leaf litter is gone, so are your worms.

Jumpers ARE dirt worms. They only eat organic matter, so no worries about these guys eating your live plants roots.

Want fluffier, flakey soil…add a batch or a two of Jumpers! These guys can penetrate the toughest clay like butter.

How to Prepare for your Jumpers:
Add a layer of damp leaf litter.
Drop in your worms.
Go watch TV.

That’s it.

Soon you will see baby jumpers among your large jumpers. I recommend not spreading them out when you first receive them, as worms mate better in close proximity. When they start feeling crowded, they will naturally spread out.

Why pay a gardener to turn your soil? Do it the natural way using Jumpers. Add a batch or two, and soon your soil will be nice and crumbly!