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Now, Great Pricing on Black Soldier Fly Larve!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

If you’ve ever considered starting a colony of Black Soldier Fly Larve, now is the perfect time to prepare.  Much of the country is starting to warm up a bit (BSFL LOVE warmth), and coincidentally, I’ve got LOTS of Black Soldier Flies!

You can now buy Black Soldier Fly Larve in quantities as low as 500, and as high as 10,000 (or more).

Black Soldier Fly Larve have proven to be incredibly efficient composters.

Got a LOT of waste?   BSFL colonies eat like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Available here:  http://www.thewormdude.com/products-page/the-bio-pod-plus-and-black-soldier-fly-larve