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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Black Soldier Fly Larve (BSFL), also known as Soldier Grubs, are natures EATING MACHINES. These voracious composting insects will process ALL your organic waste faster than you would believe.

Take a Look:


High in protein, Soldier Grubs are HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS as feeders for your reptiles, chickens, or pond fish.

Anglers LOVE Soldier Grubs because their high level of activity draws the attention of any fish in the immediate vicinity.

Want to raise your own BSFL? Get the system that Grows the Grubs, The Biopod Plus. The Biopod Plus was designed for raising and easily harvesting these voracious eaters!

As the official distributor of The Biopod Plus, The Worm Dude carries both the BioPod Plus, and Soldier Grub Starter Kits.

The BioPod Plus Composting System – $184.99
Starter Kit of 1,000 Soldier Grubs – $35.99