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Crazy BIG WORM Video

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

The Worm Dude just went Hollywood…er, well, maybe not..but I uploaded my first You Tube Video! That was fun!

I’ve Got Some Crazy Big Worms!!!

Monday, July 28th, 2008

I don’t live in Texas, but EVERYTHING grows BIG in my backyard. Besides the plants, fruits, and vegetables growing large because of all the worm castings I use, I have HUGE worms!

These worms are big like nightcrawlers, but unlike most gigantic nightcrawlers, these are top feeders, breed like crazy, and are faster than any worm I have EVER seen before.

They look similar to African Nightcrawlers (I used to raise them), but they have a thicker skin than an African Nightcrawler. Maybe some African Nightcrawlers mated with some Euro’s, giving me this crazy big, crazy fast variation.

Or…maybe I have the secret weapon for growing these worms??? You see, I raise tortoises. They poop like horses. Their poop is strictly processed grass. The worms love the stuff! I compost it, and feed it to my plants. That’s where these Giant Worms congregate!!!

My goal is to be able to raise these worms in captivity. People are constantly looking for a worm that can go in their garden (We recommend not dumping Red Wigglers in the garden…unless you are willing to keep it moist at all times, and loaded with plenty of organic material at all times).

If I can get these crawlers to reproduce, I’m gonna have a great product to sell…and be the only person selling worms exclusively for your soil!

Stay tuned!

Fun with BIG Worms

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Typical Red Wiggler next to a SUPERSIZED EURO!

Eisenia Fetida(Red Wigglers) are cool worms. They swarm food and turn it into wonderful castings. Eisenia Hortensis (European Nightcrawlers), are even cooler! They do everything that Red Wigglers do, but they don’t run like a typical crawler (NOTE: Any worm will run if conditions are not right). Another benefit…you can get them as BIG AS SLUGS!

Dr. Atkins was right…carbs will make you fat. I got these Euros so fat, they start looking translucent instead of pink! How did I do it? I happened to pick up a big box of variety pack oatmeal at Costco. In the variety pack, there are some packs of unflavored oatmeal (Yuck)! I said to myself, I’ll bet the worms will eat this stuff…so I threw them on top of the Euro bedding (Careful, grains can heat up if mixed in)…the next morning…all gone. I tried it again…same results. After about a week, I had a bin full of worms that looked like slugs!

Fishing anyone?