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Featured Customer Question – Gary L.

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Starting a new garden 2 to 3 in. of soil. The rest yellow clay.what is the
best soil breaker for the money.

Thank you gary


Hi Gary,

Without a doubt, Alabama Jumpers.

But, worms need a food source.  If I put you on an island without food, you
would perish quickly.  Same with the worms.  Jumpers food of choice is broken down leaf litter, so what I always recommend to people is that they get all the leaves in the  neighborhood, and just throw them on top of your garden bed.  As they break down, they will help amend your soil, plus they will provide a food source so your worms have a reason to stick  around.

If the leaves have all fallen in your neighborhood, just layer on a thick
layer of compost or mulch.  As it breaks down, it will provide food for the worms.

Avoid using something really strong smelling (You would not want a 2′ thick
layer  of Eucalyptus leaves to encourage worms).

That’s it….pretty simple.