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The Worm Inn – Chocolate

Why is The Worm Inn better than traditional Home Worm Composting Systems?

If you have ever used a rubbermaid tub as a worm bin, you know there are definite limitations.  Plastic does not breathe well, making it difficult to keep your worm bedding damp,  yet not muddy.

The Worm Inn is a true flow thru processor  -  Worms, bedding,  and scraps go in the  top… crumbly castings come out the bottom.

No more time  consuming harvests.  Simply release the toggles when you’re ready to harvest.   Collecting your flakey castings is automatic.

The Worm Inn is made out of breathable,  yet extraordinarily durable material.   The same material used in high end backpacks.

Air flow is a  key component for healthy worms.  The Worm Inn is the most Breathable continuous flow composting system available.

Air flow is the  key to avoiding “Stinky Worm Bin Syndrome”.  The Worm Inn’s breathable construction helps to avoid anaerobic bacteria growth.

The Worm Inn can fit almost anywhere.   With a footprint of only 18 x 18,  The Worm Inn processes LOTS of scraps, yet easily fits in a laundy room, a closet, a garage, even a classroom.

The Worm Inn easily fits on a laundry hamper stand, the back of a door, or build a 5 Minute Custom No bend, No stoop stand (Available separately).

Available in multiple Colors and Patterns – Unlike unslightly black bins, The Worm Inn Looks GREAT!

For additional and instructions, go to WWW.TheWormInn.Com

*White PVC no bend, no stoop stand kit sold separately

Domestic Shipping is only $7.95. International Shipping from $20.00.


Price: $69.99

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