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Worm Bags, Worm Tea Bags


Have you purchased breathable tea bags to hold castings, only to find out that they break down due to minimal amounts of moisture in your castings?

Have you ever tried shipping worms in a paper bag, only to have your worms eat their way out and end up on the post office floor?  Not good!

Now Available, Worm Bags and Compost Tea Bags.  These are high quality breathable cotton blend bags that hold up extremely well.

Our standard size 12″ x 16″ bag will easily hold up to 3 pounds of Worms and bedding.  Custom sizes are available as are discounts for large orders.

Twenty Five  – 12″ x 16″ bags

Only $18.75 plus shipping

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USPS Priority Shipping, only $10


Price: $18.75

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