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20x YOUR ORDER!!!!!

9,000+ BioGrubs

Black Soldier Fly Larve (BSFL) are natures most voracious composters.   These voracious grubs will happily eat any and all of your waste.   BioGrubs are the Coolest Brand of Black Soldier Fly Larve.

What's Cool about BioGrubs?

Besides being great composters, BioGrubs are high in protein, and make GREAT feeders for your fish, chickens, even reptiles.  BioGrubs are also GREAT for bait!

FREE BioGrubs with every Biogrubs purchase!  Regardless of the quantity you pay for, you'll always get a generous amount of BioGrubs FREE.

9,000+ Grubs for the Biopod Plus.  Small Grubs are shipped in the Starter Kit as Large Grubs would crawl off and turn into BSF very quickly. If you would prefer large grubs (Fewer per order), please let me know when ordering.

SHIPPING is now just $4.99 ON ALL BioGrub orders!


Shipping is just $4.99! Not available for international shipping. Not available for Alaska or Hawaii.


Old Price: $199.99

Price: $149.99

You save: $50.00

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