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1,000+ Red Wiggler Cocoons

Red Wiggler Cocoons are a great, economical way to start your squirm of Worms!  1,000+ Cocoons come packed in bedding ready to be hatched. *With an average reproduction rate of 4 worms per cocoon, an 80% success rate will give you over 3,000 Baby Red Wigglers.

Cocoons Management

The cocoons are opaque, oval-shaped to a small point at each end, and very small – not much bigger than 1/8” in diameter. Because the cocoons are moist, the bedding particles will stick to them, making them look like the particles of dirt. They will be difficult to see.

Water the bedding until damp and keep it moist. Worms require moisture to breathe. If the bedding dries out during the first month, you could lose some of your hatched worms.

Worm cocoons hatch within 2-3 weeks when the bedding temperature reaches 70 degrees. Baby worms are small and whitish-pinkish when they leave the cocoon. Each cocoon egg produces approximately 4 worms. Within 2-3 days, they begin to change color to eventually match their surroundings. In a short 3 months, they will begin to reproduce a second generation of cocoons. Each worm produces approximately 38 cocoons annually.

*Successful hatching rates are dependent upon temperatures, oxygen, and moisture levels.

Your results may vary, and because the cocoons are out of our control once they arrive, we cannot make any hatch rate guarantees.

USA Shipping is only $14 (No shipments to Hawaii).


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