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Childrens Books on Composting – 4 Book Set

Do you have children or grandchildren that you would like to introduce nature’s wonders?  Are you a teacher that would love a set of childrens books about composting?     

Introducing The Pee Wee complete four book set:  

Book 1- Pee Wee and The Magical Compost Heap 

The first book of the Pee Wee Series, ‘Pee Wee and the Magical Compost Heap,’  introduces children to backyard composting through the adventures of Pee Wee, the endearing little red wiggler worm, and all the insects in the compost heap.  The adventure begins when four neighborhood children are magically transported on the back of a butterfly to visit Castle Compost. 

Book 2-Pee Wee’s Great Adventure

The book’s sequel, ‘Pee Wee’s Great Adventure: a guide to Vermicomposting’ has Pee Wee describing an amazing adventure from a classroom worm bin to a backyard composter. Instructions are included on how to care for worms and harvest their castings.

Book 3-Pee Wee’s Family in a Nutshell

‘Pee Wee’s Family in a Nutshell’ unites Pee Wee with Reddy. Again, Vanessa the magical butterfly transports everyone to the classroom worm bin to find Pee Wee’s family. This book notes the differences between vermicomposting and backyard composting.

Book 4-Pee Wee Goes to The Fair

‘Pee Wee goes to the Fair’ is the latest adventure in the series. This story takes all the compost critters to a Spring Environmental Science Fair where Scott and friends display their elaborately decorated worm bin.

These Books are MUST HAVES and make GREAT GIFTS!

Shipping is only $7.95 for the set. US or Canada!


Old Price: $29.95

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