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Magic Worm Bedding 4.5 Pound Bag

·Premium 4.5 lb bag of worm bedding.
· It can be used to start your worm bin or next
tray in the Worm Factory
· A good bedding must be organic, absorbent
and easy to work with. Magic® Worm
Bedding is made from a special sphagnum
peat moss base, an organic fibrous material
which will hold up to twenty times it's own
weight in moisture. The spongy, fluffy
structure of Magic® Worm Bedding is
maintained because it is made of millions of
tiny fibers that also work to toughen and
condition worms so they will live longer on the
hook and catch more fish.When the bedding
becomes black, it is full of worm castings and
needs to be replaced. Then you can use this
natural humus in your garden.

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Price: $14.95

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