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Coir Bricks – 1 pound size (10 Pack)

Coir makes a GREAT Red Worm bedding.    It is absorbent, yet easy to keep fluffy.  If you have ever tried using Peat Moss for bedding purposes, you know all the challenges associated with Peat(Peat needs to be VERY well rinsed multiple times before use).    Coir is much simpler to use.  Just plop a Coir brick in a 5 gallon bucket, add water, and the brick expands as it soaks up the water.

Because coir tends to be a bit more coarse than well rinsed peat, I normally see many more cocoons in  coir than other beddings.

Coir is normally available in 250 Gram size and the 1 pound size.  We carry the larger bricks because quite frankly, you would need to use several of the smaller bricks for most any purpose.

Coir is not available for International Shipping.


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