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Lady Bug Palace

Ladybugs are also know as Ladybirds or Lady Beetles and are a healthly addition to your garden. They also help control other insects.

Thanks to their voracious appetite for aphids, these armor-plated little beauties are beloved by gardeners. Our entomologically accurate Ladybug House encourages these beneficial insects to take up residence in your garden and provides a safe roosting place during chilly months.

In the spring, ladybugs become active and can often be found in backyard gardens and fields. Attract them into your garden with flowers such as angelica and dill, weeds like dandelions, wild carrot, or yarrow, and a combination of whey and yeast ("Wheast"). A commercial ladybug attractant may also serve your purpose well. You can encourage ladybugs to stay in your garden by providing ladybug houses. Ladybugs generally spend winters hibernating together in protected hiding places such as logs, buildings, rock crevices, or ground cover. Ladybug houses create safe havens that mimic natural hiding places where ladybugs might spend the winter months or lay their eggs so that their young may metamorphose in a protected place. Remember to use only ladybug-friendly pesticides, and your ladybugs will help keep your garden looking great every year.

This ladybug house is made from pine and finished in yellow exterior latex paint.
There is a hinged opening in back for cleaning.
Roof is rot resistant western cedar shakes.   Beautiful addition to any garden.

Dimensions:  6" x 6" x 10"

Domestic shipping is only $14.00 International shipping costs will vary. Contact me for details. All houses are custom made. Please allow 5-10 days for construction.


Price: $29.99

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