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Alabama Jumpers...the ONLY commercially available worm to aerate your soil.

Alabama Jumpers are the PERFECT Dirt Worm.   They are nightcrawlers, that have many of the attributes of  composting worms, with one additional benefit.

THEY THRIVE VERY WELL IN YOUR CLAY SOIL! (Red Wigglers do not do well in dirt).

These crawlers get HUGE and will go through your clay soil like Butter.

They will jump out of your hand, and be back in the soil like nothing you have ever seen.

Just drop them in your garden, provide them with some damp organic material, and they will stay and multiply like mine did. Worms only eat DEAD material, leaves, damp newspaper, etc. THEY DO NO HARM TO ANY LIVING PLANTS.

1,000 JUMPERS!!!


5/18/18 We are backed up on Jumper orders, but will be taking orders again soon.  If you want to get on a waiting list, email me through our contact us page to be the first notified when we are shipping again.


Shipping is only $14.00 for 1,000 Jumpers! No Shipping To Canada on These Worms. Due to Limited Supplies, there may be occasional one week shipping delays. These are the greatest worms...EVER! 1,000 CRAWLERS FOR $79.99!


Price: $79.99

This product has sold out.